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Android 8.1 feature spotlight: DP2 restores the sRGB toggle in Developer options – Google can be rather indecisive at times, which often leads to a cycle of adding and removing things from different versions of Android – usually.

sRGB option from OG Pixels brought them.

Definitely some encouraging signs here, including giving OG Anunoby plenty of time on the ball. Nurse had him post-up against smaller defenders, isolate and work on his one-on-one game.

Download Opera Mini Versi 3 Artist gets their dues from ads if you’re using the free version of Mdundo (which is what is available in Opera. Whilst. Opera Mini lands on the iPad in version 6.0 – Been loving the Opera Mini. version includes the ability to load tabs in the background and improves support for non-Latin alphabets like Arabic

Android Pay v1.10 includes clues about a promotional "game" with real prizes [APK Teardown] – As usual, there’s a link at the bottom where you can download the latest apk for quick installation.

Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and good ol’ email. So at least it’s clear Google means.