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Mobile game developer, Imangi Studios, recently hit a huge milestone with its latest release, Temple Run 2. In less than two weeks the follow-up to the super popular Temple Run game was downloaded.

On iOS, Temple Run 2 had a successful launch, getting 20 million downloads in only four days. It will be recalled that the popularity of the original game, Imangi Studios had a tie-in with Pixar.

Google Play downloads have a 30% share, while Amazon gets a small minority of 2%. Games like Temple Run prove that the freemium model works well in making a game wildly popular once it reaches the.

The update comes just as Temple Run for Android has surpassed the 10 million download mark, an impressive feat considering the game has been out for less than a month. As for the update.

Imangi announced its one billion downloads mark with.

you the most common of video game achievements: Victory. This story, "Behind the success of Temple Run" was originally published by TechHive.

Temple Run reaches 100 million downloads – We knew that the free-to-play mobile game Temple Run was a success, but we didn’t know just how big it had gotten until now. Imangi Studios has announced that in its single year released so far.

With a combination of a smart development cycle and an ability to take advantage of the App Store Market, they’ve created a juggernaut of a game.

downloads kept growing, and Temple Run.

Temple Run has passed one billion downloads, developers Imangi Studios have announced, with the hit mobile game collectively racking up more than 32 billion games to-date. Players of the.