Clash Royale New Update

The first big Clash Royale 2019 update arrived in January and we’ll go over everything gamers and their clans need to know. Supercell added some balance changes, a brand new arena, new cards.

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the December Update is CHANGING HOW YOU PLAY Clash Royale ?’ class=’alignleft’>Clash Royale update: What you need to know about tournaments – While all of our American readers were celebrating their independence earlier this week — ironically from the country that 148apps’ parent company calls home — Supercell got to work dropping a fresh.

This new update changes that. Giants and Royal Giants in this first balance patch will be getting a 5% and 20% damage increase respectively, making them more viable offensive weapons. Some of the.

Clash Royale update: Season 7 brings explosive new troop card and more! – We’ll be collecting all the official balance changes and updates for Clash Royale as they’re released by the Finnish giant.

The seventh season of "Clash Royale" finally arrives under the theme Lunar Festival The latest "Clash Royale" season.

Are New Cards Coming in the Next Update? Back in March, @ViiperGaming18 asked the official Clash Royale Twitter account if any new cards were coming in the April update. The Twitter account.

Sega has officially launched its mobile real-time strategy game Revolve8 on the Play Store. It’s free-to-play and exudes a flashy anime theme for its stylized fairy tale characters. The gameplay.

The "Clash Royale" January update brings several new additions including a new card, arena and gameplay modes. Check out everything new and coming to the game this month, here. A new update is.

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